The Clan Marjoribanks Society Gatherings


The next Clan Marjoribanks Society gathering will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 27th and 28th June 2014. This is planned to coincide with the Bannockburn re-enactment in Stirling on the 28th and 29th June. New office bearers for the Clan society will be elected and there will be visits arranged to locations that are significant to the Clan members. Please contact the clan President, Patricia Baillie Strong ( for more details.

The last Clan Marjoribanks gathering was held on July 25th, 2009 at the home of Patricia Baillie Strong in Regent Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. This date was chosen to coincide with The Scottish Gathering celebrations in Edinburgh that weekend. Twenty people attended the Meeting and eighteen marched in the Parade up the Royal Mile from Holyrood Palace to the Castle in the evening.

The Chief Andrew Marjoribanks welcomed all those present and started the Meeting at 11.0 a.m. by ringing the Balbardie bell. He mentioned how Robert Marjoribanks in Canada and his wife Nancy had more or less run the Clan Marjoribanks Society single-handedly for many years until retiring in 2005 due to ill health. Bob’s departure had meant a big loss for the Clan and caused the first major upheaval since the founding of the Society in 1987.

The outgoing President Katharine Cousland, said that the original manufacturer of the Marjoribanks tartan (Dalgleish Mills) has now gone out of business but John Marjoribanks said that any Scottish weaver will make up the tartan as it is registered in the official list of Scottish tartans. Zazzle is an American company on the web that will supply Marjoribanks brooches.

The outgoing secretary, Patricia Baillie Strong, said she had saved the membership list digitally on the web (Google documents) so that it can be accessed by all the committee wherever they are. 450 people had been invited to the Gathering and the Marjoribanks General Meeting in Edinburgh.

The following were proposed, seconded and elected as Office Bearers of the Clan Marjoribanks Society.
President:                                          Patricia Baillie Strong
Secretary:                                          Caroline Morris
US Treasurer:                                    Carol Leake
Genealogist and UK Treasurer:          Roger Marjoribanks
US Newsletter Editor:                        Amanda Long
UK Newsletter Editor:                       John Marjoribanks
Publisher:                                            Stuart Baillie Strong
The office of Vice-President was left open for the Committee to co-opt. It was felt that the Vice-President should be an American. After the Meeting, the Committee decided to appoint Jonathan Baillie Strong as Webmaster to develop the Clan Marjoribanks Society web page and to encourage younger people to join the Society, for example, by using webpages like Twitter and Facebook.

John Marjoribanks proposed several changes to the previous Constitution adopted on 9th June 1990. Several amendments were considered and agreed. The key ones were:

    The Society genealogist Roger Marjoribanks encouraged as many people as possible to join the DNA project to research Marjoribanks ancestry. Bill Jackson is in charge of this.

    The new President, Patricia Baillie Strong thanked the outgoing President, Katharine Cousland for her hard work and dedication.

      Some Photographs of the 2009 meeting:

    Past & present presidents & genealogist   Members at the Clan meeting   Some of the attendees at the Clan meeting

     Past & present presidents & genealogist                Attendees at the Clan meeting                                Some of the Clan members at the meeting

    Chief's Brother and the Chief  Clan Marjoribanks in the Queens Park   At the start of the Royal Mile

            The Chief's brother and the Chief                            Clan Marjoribanks in the Queen's Park               At the start of the Royal Mile

    Passing the Scottish Parliament  Walking up the Royal Mile  Near the top of the Royal Mile

      Passing the Scottish Parlaiment                               Clan members walking up the Royal Mile            Near the top of the Royal Mile & the castle

                                                                 Flag of the Marjoribanks Chief

                                                                  The flag of the Marjoribanks Chief